Redilens is a complete, turn-key provider of optical quality mold design, tooling, molding, and coating of polycarbonate and acrylic parts. We concentrate on meeting stringent optical performance requirements for a broad spectrum of customers. What differentiates Redilens from other plastic manufacturers is our disciplined focus on a particular segment of the plastic market. We proactively pursue business with customers that require high quality and precise optics.

Redilens is a leader in the molding and processing of polycarbonate & acrylic. Our focus on optical plastic injection molding makes us a leader in this niche field.

With more than 30 years of experience in molding optical quality and transparent components using Polycarbonate, Acrylic. Redilens has the service and facilities to produce optical quality parts of virtually any size... any quantity... any configuration.

With a wide range of products like ophthalmic lenses, instrument lenses, mini reading glasses, LED torchlight lenses, TIR lenses, safety eye-wear, helmet visors & gas mask visors in our portfolio, there is a constant endeavor to keep up with the requirements of the customer and new technologies. At Redilens, we help you maximize value and minimize cost. We maintain our competitive advantage through a strict focus on optical plastic products, manufacturing process innovation and exceptional customer service.

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