Redilens is a complete, turn-key provider of optical quality mold design, tooling, molding, and coating of polycarbonate and acrylic parts. We concentrate on meeting stringent optical performance requirements for a broad spectrum of customers. What differentiates Redilens from other plastic manufacturers is our disciplined focus on a particular segment of the plastic market. We proactively pursue business with customers that require high quality and precise optics.

We custom mould helmet visors for leading helmet manufacturers. We have developed visors for the Indian and foreign markets from design stages of the injection moulding tool to the production of visors moulded in acrylic and polycarbonate.

The mould polishing is done in-house to produce distortion free visors. We also manufacture iridium coated visors. A wide variety of colours are available (Clear, Grey Tinted, Brown Tinted, Blue, Amber, Iridium- Mercury, Iridium Rainbow). All visors are hard coated for long service life and improved scratch resistance.

Helmet Visors
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