Redilens is a complete, turn-key provider of optical quality mold design, tooling, molding, and coating of polycarbonate and acrylic parts. We concentrate on meeting stringent optical performance requirements for a broad spectrum of customers. What differentiates Redilens from other plastic manufacturers is our disciplined focus on a particular segment of the plastic market. We proactively pursue business with customers that require high quality and precise optics.
Single Vision 60 diameter Acrylic lenses
Plus Numbers +1.00 to +3.50 in steps of 0.25
Minus Numbers -1.00 to -3.00 in steps of 0.50
Ophthalmic Lenses
High Power Bi-Convex 50 diameter Acrylic lenses
Plus numbers +4.00 to +15.00 in steps of 1.00
Plano Blank Acrylic & Polycarbonate lenses for sunglasses in a wide range of colours
Bi-focal Kryptok Plano-Power 70 diameter Acrylic lenses
+1.00 to +3.00 in steps of 0.25
Power to Power Kryptok 70 diameter Acrylic lenses
+1.00 to +3.50 in steps of 0.25 with add-on power +1.25 to +4.75 in steps of 0.25
D Bi-focal 90 diameter Polycarbonate lenses.
+1.00 to +3.00 in steps of 0.25
Half Eye reading Glasses in Polycarbonate
Reading glasses available from +1.00 to +3.00
Binocular Lenses
We have specially developed lenses for Galileo type toy binoculars to be produced in mass quantities. Disposable foldable card paper binoculars are also available for promotions.
Specialized Lenses
Miniature Lenses
For LED TIR type reflectors, lenses with diameter as small as 5 mm
Magnifier Lenses
For hand held instruments, measuring instruments with optical magnification of 3x and 5x
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